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The Scrum Guide 2020 and how it relates to business analysis

In 2020 Jeff and Ken released the new Scrum Guide. What changes appeared after another three years of observing teams working in Scrum? And how those changes affect business analysts? The Scrum Guide is the description of a framework for teams developing a product. It presents events, artifacts, and resposibilities in a team (Scrum Team, …

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Business analysis in 7 steps

Hello, beginners in business analysis and all who care about the value of work. Learn how to ensure that your initiatives with software or improvements in a company make sense. In 7 steps. 1. What’s the problem? Problem statement What’s the problem? You would be surprised how many times we tend to solve things not …

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Systems thinking

How to recognize a professional business analyst from a newbie? A professional knows systems thinking. Can distinguish parts cooperating together, see the relationships and is able to foresee consequences to the whole system, when parts are being changed. Develop this thinking and it will help you in business analysis as well as life in general. …

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3ma #001 How to gather requirements

Customers don’t know what they want? Requirements are changing all the time? You’ve delivered what they wanted, but they are still dissatisfied? Maybe you do it wrong? Listen 3 minutes introduction to professional requirements gathering 🙂

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