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I provide analytical competences to managers and boards

As a strategic business analyst with one foot in IT and the other in management, I ensure that projects and activities in the organization bring business value. I provide analytical competencies to managers and boards from Poland, Germany, and Switzerland in implementing strategy in an international organization of several hundred people.

I have trained 5,000 IT business analysis experts – in classroom training, conferences, and on-line courses. I help those who want to get a job as a business analyst, develop, and get promoted. Thanks to the acquired competences, experts trained by me help their companies to provide business value to their activities.

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I believe that…

Self-fulfilled people create well-functioning projects and companies. Work tailored to a person allows them to co-create something greater than themselves, develop, and fulfill their dreams. Work is an important source of identity and brings a significant sense of meaning in life. People, projects, and companies are closely linked and influence each other— their self-awareness, mission, and aspirations.

So that…

I help people, projects, and companies to act with sense, develop, and fulfill their potential. you, the project, the company #analysisfirst

I do…

I spread good practices of business analysis, management, project management, professional and personal development by working as a business analyst, blogging, podcasting, researching, training, and consulting.

How to build the foundation of your dream work as an analyst? 

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