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I’m presenting at the official IIBA conference Building Business Capability

18 października 2020

21.10 I present on the official IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) conference – Building Business Capability – the largest conference for business analysis in the world.

“Stepping into strategic business analysis during agile transformation”. I present it together with Elena Zhukova.

As it’s online, I missed Las Vegas trip. And I will start the presentation at 11 P.M. of my local time, which is my time to go to sleep. 😀 But it’s great experience to take part in this conference for the first time.

Cross your fingers!


Hi! I'm Hania

As a strategic business analyst working in IT and management, I assure that projects and activities in the organization bring business value. I provide analytical competencies to managers and boards from Poland, Germany, and Switzerland in an international organization of several hundred people in implementing strategy.

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